Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What has Maggie been up to??

Maggie just turned 2 on May 9! Can you believe it has been two years since I first got her?! I know I can't! Well I just wanted to post a couple new photos of Mags (and me). :)

Maggie playing with her new toy. It is a little bride dog...I'm getting married in June! :D

It snowed this past March...it was her first snow. She didn't like it very much. Just before I took this photo she fell on her side trying to walk in it. Poor thing.

Queen of the laundry pile. She loves laundry days!

Another photo from our March snow day. She was so happy to be inside with her tummy resting on a warm blanket as opposed to cold snow.

April (our roommate) holding Mags on our snow day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's been a gosh-darn long while doggies

Doggies, I have been gone a loooong time! I am so sorry for my absence. Please direct all of your blame to my mom Marie. I kept telling her it was time to write a new blog, and she kept putting it and putting it off some more. Well. I had to put my paw down and tell her we were doing it NOW. Well...it didn't quite go that forcefully...hehe! :P

Gosh, a lot has gone on since my last post! I celebrated my first Christmas - it was wonderful! My grandma bought me lots and lots of toys! Oh, and all that paper that was left around for me to shred. Oh. I. Was. In. Heaven. Check out my AMAZING toys from GRADMA! Oh I love her, I love her!

My stocking has my picture on it and everything! It was the best first Christmas ever!

Then Easter! I got an easter basket from my grandma in the mail! She sent me another toy, which I just recently preformed surgery on him...mom took my toy and put it somewhere. She keeps saying something about how she needs to sew my toys up? She told me I will get them all back sometime soon. I hope it's realy soon!

But. If not. My birthday is May 9 so she can make up by throwing me a party! I need to see if Hershey wants to party with me!! Surely my mom and Hershey's mom and Hershey's baby would love to celebreate. :) I know my roommate will. I looooooove my April!

Oh, I was fixed a little while ago. Then I got sick again and had to go spend the night at my vet because I couldn't stop making messes when I used the bathroon. They told my mom that they thought I had a reaction from the anesthesia. I don't really know what that is, doggies.

This was pre-lady parts removal. I was nesting in my mom clean clothes and when she got close I growled at her. However, she knows I'm not gonna hurt her, it just means leave me a lone or go away.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well everydog and girl girl...this first Thanksgiving of mine was WONDERFUL! Oh my. There were some good smells coming from my kitchen! YUM!

Before I forget, my mom told me to say a BIG thank you for everyone who wished her a happy birthday! She had a really good day. :)

Besides good food, I helped my mom and grandma put up all the Christmas decorations last night. Our house looks SO beautiful! My grandpa and uncle set up the Christmas lights on the outside of the house tonight. I haven't seen those yet, but I am sure they are really pretty!

My mom, roommate and I took some pictures tonight. My mom and roommate thought it would be cute for all of us to wear sweaters....personally I thought it was dumb, but oh well. I was forced to wear my green Christmas sweater. Ugh. Does your human make you do that? Wear clothes?! UGH! The only thing I like about them is chewing on them.

Oh. And yes they are wearing the same sweaters. Dorks.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's...er...actually I don't know how old she is, but today is her birthday! Yay!I'll post pictures in a little while!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane...and FROGS!

Hello all! I'm at my grandparents house! I looove it here! My grandma spoils me...I think she told my mom that I have to live with her forever. Hehe :) But I'll go home, I don't want my mom to get lonely. She's coming to see me next week for Thanksgivng! I can't wait!

Well...I want to introduce you to my frog brother and sister! My frog sister's name is Chanchita and my frog brother is Nemo. Chanchita is the fat one.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All grown up...sorta :)

Mom took some new pictures of me while we were laying in her bed watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love barking at this movie! There are lots of funny noises...I had to protect my mom and me! :)

Mom said I am going to the doctor soon...she said I am being spayed...not sure what that means, but I am going to have to spend a night away from my mom. But, I don't have to go till I get back from my grandparents house.

Next blog...I need to introduce you to my frog brother and sister! I keep meaning to introduce you. :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm alive!

Hello, hello everydog! I am alive and well. My mom is just a slacker. I have been telling her for WEEKS to let my dictate a new blog, but she kept coming up with excuses to not write a new blog. Ugh. Well, I finally got here to get on here! How are you? I hope you are doing good!!

Well, a lot has gone on recently...I have started losing my teeth! Not sure why...my mom is happy that I'm losing them. Mean huh? She said my puppy teeth were like little razors...I think she's crazy. But oh well! :) Let's see what else...oh, I got a new place that i sleep. Mom used to make me sleep in a little plastic box thing she calls a kennel. It was really small. Then she let me sleep in the kitchen, so I figured that was my cue that I could use the floor as my bathroom. Not quite the case. Now I sleep in a CAGE! ...it's not really that bad though...there is plenty of room to walk around, and play...I have towels, blankets, toys...so I guess it's not too bad.

My mom said that when I stop using the bathroom in the house I can sleep with her and not in the cage..so I guess i have to stay in the cage for now...

OH! I am going to see my grandparents in less than two weeks! I am going to get to go on my first plane flight!!! I am SO excited! Mom and I are going to visit my grandparents and uncle on Nov. 1 and then I am staying there till Thanksgiving. Mom has to come back to Richmond, but I am going to PARTAY with my grandma and grandpa!!! They are really excited about me coming...I'm excited too because i am going to get SPOILED!!! WOOHOO!!!