Monday, July 30, 2007

Bath day...blah...

I had a bath today. Not sure that I liked it too much. Well, actually, I pretty much hated it. Mom said I smelled like a dog!! Can you believe that?! I don't tell her she smells like a human!! The nerve. THEN! April (our roomate) and her kept taking pictures of me wrapped up in a towel. I kept grunting and whining, but they wouldn't put me down...eventually (after they got the perfect picture...shouldn't they all be perfect??) thye put in my bed....soooo.....I got out of my bed, and pooped on the floor. Serves them right, they won't ever give me a bath again! Ha! Ha!

...right after that, mom put me on this loooog string thing that was connected to the annoying, jingling thing around my neck. I don't like that thing!!!!!!! I kept rolling around and biting it, trying to get it off. And do you know what April and my mom were doing???? LAUGHING!!!!! They kept telling me to 'calm down' and stuff...if they were on a long string, they wouldn't be 'calm' and they wouldn't laughing!!!! Maybe mom was punishing me because I pooped on the floor? She said I needed to get used to the string thing, because I can almost outrun her....hmmm....nah, she feeds me and loves on me, I think I'll stay here. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Remember me mentioning how I was going to have to get a shot? Well I went...and it hurt, but my mom gave me a treat at the same I cried and chewed at the same time...Dr. Mary felt bad, so she gave me another cookie! I'm going to have to cry next time so I can have an extra cookie!!

Well mom left me with Dr. Mary while she went to work...she said she didn't want to leave me alone, just in case the shot made me sick. Weeelll....they fed me A LOT whne I was there! I LOVED IT! I wish my mom would take me there EVERYDAY! Mom says I look fat in this picture, I don't think so...I think the camera just added some poundage to my tummy area!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love laundry days!!!

I love to help my mom fold clothes!! It's one of my favorite things I says I get 'over-zealous.' Does anyone know what that means??? I just looooove clothes!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm better! (I'll post pictures later)

My mom took me to the vet yesterday. She was afraid I was sick (I was having 'business' problems)...Dr. Lucie did some test called a palvo or something like that? Mom was really worried. She felt so bad because she couldn't stay with me the whole time - she said she has to go to Washington D.C. for work (but she came back just in time for dinner!). Hershey's dad came and picked me up from the vet...Hershey's mom and baby couldn't come because they were taking care of Hershey. :)

Dr. Lucie gave me some special food that I LOOOOVE! I am SO much better today! I love Dr. Lucie, she is so nice! Is your doctor nice??? I get to go back on said I'm probably not going to be too happy then though...what are shots? She said I'm getting my third puppy shots? Not sure what this means, so I'm a little nervous. :(

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Picture crazy mom!

Not sure what got into my mom, but she just kept following me around calling my name so I would look at her and then this BRIGHT flashing light went off. She said she was taking my picture...but I think she might have been trying to blind me. Actually, come to think of it, she did turn the flash off after a little while. So that was nice...but it was still SUPER annoying when I was trying to do my business outside and mom kept interrupting me while I was looking for the PERFECT spot, JUST so she could take another picture of me! Moms!

Do your parents take pictures of you all the time???

I guess since mom went to all the effort I will share some of the pictures she took!

I'm preforming emergency surgery on my fluffy, pink, zebra bone!

I thought she was leaving me when she took this picture! :(

My first video!

It's me and my new friend Hershey meeting for the first time!

Hershey's mom sent this to my mom for my blog! My mom says that I think I'm something...what do you think she means by this?

Did you hear the loud noise in the background? Mom said it was a baby...I thought it was funny looking because it only had fur on it's head!!! I did like the baby's big floor toy though!! I wonder if Hershey ever gets to play with it??

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hello! My name is Maggie. I'm a short-haired, red brindle (but I'm more black than anything) miniture dachshund. I just moved to my new home with my new mom. I moved here on Sunday from Spotsylania, Va. to Richmond, Va. I love my new home!! I have lots of toys and I get fed three times a day (but mom said soon I'll only get fed twice a day...maybe I'll try giving her the puppy eyes and she'll feel sorry for me and keep feeding me three times a day...we'll see...)!! Oh!! And there are lots of little things (that mom didn't even know were there, but I found them!!!) on the floor for me to eat. Well there were...until mom got out this BIG, LOOOOUD blue monster thing that sucked everything up off the floor. Oh well, I still have my toys to chew on...and the occassional flip-flop (until I get caught chewing on them).

Some of my favorite things to do are biting my mom's feet, sleeping on her lap, eating, sitting on my mom's feet when she isn't holding me, pouncing on the flowers (mom says that they are weeds, but I think they are flowers) when they aren't paying attention (never pounce on all of them, do it randomly so they don't suspect anything)...what else...OH!!!!! I made a FRIEND YESTERDAY!! His name is Hershey. He is a dachshund too, but he had longer hair than me...I wonder why? Maybe mine will grow when I get older? Hershey's mom gave me two toys too!! A rope and a little tennis ball...the tennis ball is my FAVORITE! It fits PERFECTLY in my mouth. My favorite game is to have my mom throw it, wait for it to stop rolling and then POUNCE ON IT!! It never knew I was coming! :)

Well, I guess I will go for now. Tell me about your self! I would love to make some more friends as nice as Hershey! Bye!