Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm better! (I'll post pictures later)

My mom took me to the vet yesterday. She was afraid I was sick (I was having 'business' problems)...Dr. Lucie did some test called a palvo or something like that? Mom was really worried. She felt so bad because she couldn't stay with me the whole time - she said she has to go to Washington D.C. for work (but she came back just in time for dinner!). Hershey's dad came and picked me up from the vet...Hershey's mom and baby couldn't come because they were taking care of Hershey. :)

Dr. Lucie gave me some special food that I LOOOOVE! I am SO much better today! I love Dr. Lucie, she is so nice! Is your doctor nice??? I get to go back on said I'm probably not going to be too happy then though...what are shots? She said I'm getting my third puppy shots? Not sure what this means, so I'm a little nervous. :(


Joe Stains said...

mm special food is good! shots are ok, they only hurt for like one second and then its over!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Hi- my name is Charlie Kelley-Church. I am a blue heeler cross and live in New Mexico which is in the west. I came to your blog thru Hershey's blog. You sure are tiny. Hershey looks like a giant compared to you. Have you joined Dogs With Blogs group yet? If not, you should. It is like having a family around the world.


hershey the doglet said...

hey maggie, so glad you poop is ok! i know your mom was worry...she just got you!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We are glad you are feeling better. It's no fun to be sick. How cool to get some special food though! Hmmm ... shots aren't great but they aren't too bad. Most vets give you a treat after you get shots. We hope yours is like that too.

Maggie said...

Ooooo! Treats for shots!!! That makes me feel much better!!!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Maggie- feel free to call me C-K-C anytime. Opy called me that cause she didn't want to type my name out all the time and the shortened kind will make it catchy. Feel free to stop by my blog any time!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Maggie,

Welcome to - it is great to meet you, and I am sure that you will make lots of new friends here :)


Glad you are feeling better :)

Ume said...

hi Maggie,
welcome to DWB!!!
as Joe said, the shots will oni hurt for 1 sec. u look like a veri brave little pup, im sure u will take it in your stride!

Ricky Pepper said...

Hi Maggie!

I am Ricky, a 4 month old dapple sure are cute! I went to the vet for shot yesterday too!

I am glad to read that your tummy feels better...glad you are not sick anymore!

Is it ok if I put your link on my page? That way I can find you easier!



Lorenza said...

Hi, Maggie.
I hope you are feeling better now!Shots are not too fun but they help you to stay healthy! I love my vet too!

Baily said...

good to hear that you are feeling better!
many nose licks to you